Dear Parents


“To the parents of the Youth Identity Program participants, My Healthy Mind would like to thank you for sending us your precious cargo for 5 days . You were brave enough to let your family stories be shared through their eyes. 

We understand what you did was not easy, but it was brave , humble , loving and shows the deep commitment you have to your child, your family and to creating a happy thriving home environment. 

This first step was the hardest, now the only way to go is forward!” 

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Parent Information

VARK - Learning Styles

VARK - Learning Styles

A short Slideshow - Sharing some information you will find useful for HOME.

Videos - full of useful information

This page in Constantly being updated with additional information, so please check back regularly.


VARK - Learning Styles

VARK - Learning Styles

VARK - Learning Styles

Knowing your learning style, and that of your child can GREATLY impact your way of parenting.



VARK - Learning Styles

Feedback Form

Images from the Youth Identity Program January 2020


Feedback Form

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Feedback Form

Please take the time to complete our Feedback from. 

Part 1 - for the Parents to complete.

Part 2 - for the Participants to complete.


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Parents Workshop Slideshow

How Trauma Affects the Brain

V.A.R.K Learning Styles

Would knowing your child's learning style help you coach your child through life? 

Authoritative Parenting

Meltdown Cycle (pdf)


Parenting Style Questionnaire (pdf)


VARK (pdf)


The Youth Identity Program January 2020

Images from the Youth Identity Program.

January 14th - 18th 2020

Springbrook QLD

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