A Program for Teenagers & Children A 5 day program, to help for a lifetime

27th – 31st August 2019

The Youth Identity Program aims to help our participants to realize their potential. We not only teach them accountability and responsibility, but also teach them self discipline. We ensure ALL participants walk away from the Youth Identity Program armed with the skills and knowledge to control their behaviors and emotions. This program is aimed at children 9-16 years of age.
My Healthy Mind and its team of counselors put the participants in high pressure environments testing their emotions. They use role play exercises and teaming them with someone they don’t get along with, then show them how to use the tools we provide them to deal with issue and to create a positive outcome. Throughout the 5-day program the participants take part in multiple activities and session. These are to teach participants how to manage conflict and anger in their lives and resolve situations in a cool, calm and collected way. To manage their emotions, to deal with an addiction to technology and to find constructive outlets for their own feelings to use now and in the future.
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The program is run in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterlands. At the Koonjewarre Accommodation and Activities Center, located on Springbrook Plateau, all meals and dormitory style accommodation is provided. All participants need to bring along a sleeping bag, suitable cloths, enclosed walking shoes, toiletries and some determination. No additional food, snack or any electronic gadgets (including mobile phones) are permitted.
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Staff from My Healthy Mind will collect participants travelling from out of state unaccompanied from the Gold Coast Airport.

Core Learning Outcomes What the participants aim for





Respect is a positive feeling shown towards oneself, someone or something. Participants learn that respect needs to be earned by valuing, not only the opinions and choices of others, but also by valuing themselves.
Accountability is about what happens after an event has occurred. We teach the participants how to take ownership of the results, whatever they may be. Participants learn leadership skills by knowing how to be accountable for their actions, and by ensuring they know accountability is the first step to building trusting relationships.
Anger is frequently a result of frustration, or of feeling blocked or thwarted from something that we feels is important. Anger can also be a defensive response to underlying fear or feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness. We use special methods to emotionally challenge or participants, then instruct them on how to manage the anger they feel constructively.
Self control is a cognitive process learnt at an early age. It is the ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses, such as anger or conflict. Learning self control is required to allow participants to reach their goals, not only during the program but right through life. We urge our participants to show and exercise their self control regularly whilst attending the program by pushing them to emotional limits, and stepping in to show them a more positive ways to control situations and feeling.

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