Suspension Program

Has your child been suspended from school? We’re here to help with our intensive 1, 2 or 3 day program to get your child back on track.

Is your child struggling with anger, depression, or self-harm? Perhaps they’re struggling with motivation, bullying, thoughts of self-harming, tech addiction or low self-esteem.

Life coaching is awesome for kids these days. When they are born, we teach them to walk, talk and feed themselves. Schools teach them academic subjects and give them sports training.  But when kids are struggling to find their identity and purpose in life, it can seem like an endless, confusing maze, with bad influences lurking at every turn.

Our 1, 2 or 3 day youth program could be just what they need to get them working above the line, wanting to better themselves.

We run the Suspended From School Program on the Gold Coast from Mondays through to Wednesdays. During the program we work on getting your child to play above the line – not below the line. We educate them on the importance of self-worth. We cover topics such as drugs, tech addiction and more.

Which program is right for your child?

1 Day Youth Coaching Program

If your child was suspended for a minor, one-off incident, then our 1 Day coaching program could be just right for them. It’s all about discovering who they are and why they reacted as they did. They’ll learn how to handle tricky situations so they keep on track.

This program runs on Mondays only.

2 Day Youth Coaching Program

If your child has been suspended previously, or was suspended for a major incident, they could respond well to our 2 Day coaching program. This program builds on Day 1 to include coaching and counselling, and important strategies that enable your child to stay in school, without running the risk of suspension.

This program runs every Monday and Tuesday.

3 Day Youth Coaching Program

If your child has been suspended several times, and has an attitude problem, we strongly advise that you book them into our 3 Day coaching program.  This program goes heavily into their identity and the causes of their behaviour. They’ll learn how to build a solid basis that will set them up for now and in the future – with strategies that work. And they’ll discover the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. This program can be life-changing for children – and their families.

It runs every day from Monday to Wednesday.

Each Youth Coaching Program has a payment plan option. Call us on 1300 376 399 to find out more.