What makes my heart sing

This inquiry helps you get in touch with what truly gives you joy in life. It asks you, just for a moment, to imagine you're blissfully happy and feeling true joy - free and light of all cares and worry. You can't help but smile (within or without) and you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world. You may even feel a glow from within and a spaciousness in your heart.



  • Allow yourself 10 minutes or so of quiet time and write your answer in the spaces below.
  • Don't analyze just write! If your answers seem overly-simple, it's a good
  • Feel free to add extra things to your list that come up in the days and weeks ahead.



  • Think back to your childhood – what were you doing when you were most happy?
  • Think about your 5 senses; sight, hearing, touch/feeling, smell and taste - you could come up with one joy for each sense.
  • Examples include watching children or dogs playing, hiking a mountain, cooking, watching the world go by out of your window, telling someone you love them, fresh sheets on the bed or something completely d Whatever it is – the things you write down will be unique to you.