Simon Johnston

Hi, I'm Simon

A Counsellor

I began My Healthy Mind as a breakthrough counselling sessions for kids in trouble at school.

I am committed to my Suspended From School program. I've seen first-hand the life-changing effects this program has had on the children or teens who used to be trouble-makers at school. The program has also had some very positive effects on their families.

When a child is suspended from school, we often find some contributing factor from their family situation. That’s why we include some family members in our counselling sessions when we’re working with a child.

I am strongly focused on my school suspension program, to counselling and life coaching. I wants to make a difference in the people I see.

I also know that counselling therapy sessions can help people who suffer from issues like PTSD. Sexual abuse. Addiction. Depression, anxiety and self-harm. And those with relationship problems or who are going through a divorce.

He is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and holds a Working With Children card.