My healthy mind has 24/7 counselling available online

PTSD Therapy Online

If you’re suffering from PTSD from a traumatic event, such as a vehicle accident or from severe abuse, getting to an appointment can be difficult. Online therapy is the ideal way  to work through your issues with a trained and caring counsellor.

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Online Counselling For FIFOs

FIFO can seem like a great idea in the beginning, but it can put a great strain on your relationship when you’re away for weeks at a time. Your partner is left with the day-to-day running of the house, plus looking after young kids. 

We can help both you and your partner, with our online therapy and mediation sessions. Both of you can be on a session together, even though you’re away and your partner is at home. Our non-judgemental approach is the perfect basis for our counselling program. 

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Addiction Therapy Online

It’s not always easy to admit to an addiction. But online therapy with an experienced counsellor from unbiased point of view can encourage you to discuss options for your treatment program. Similarly, if a family member is in need of mediation but they won’t attend an appointment, online is definitely the way to go.

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Divorce Counselling Online


Divorce is very stressful – even it’s amicable. It affects both of you and your children, who can feel caught in the middle. If you’re a husband, you may feel confused about how to relate to your wife and children. It’s time for some online sessions for both of you – from your separate locations. That way you can discuss solutions, with the therapist to mediate so the sessions don’t get heated.

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Sexual Abuse Therapy Online

Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual assault may suffer from persistent anxiety, depression or recurring flashbacks. As such, they may have problems with trust, and communication. We offer a safe, supportive, gentle therapy that can help restore your sense of self-worth and confidence.

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Youth Counselling Online

youth counselling online

Children may find it hard to find the time to visit a therapist. They have school lessons and then often a busy after-school curriculum. Our one-on-one online therapy and coaching sessions are ideal for children, teenagers and even for parents’ mediation if there are problems at home.

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