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Our Staff My Healthy Mind Are a Youth & Family Counseling Service

My Healthy Mind have a range of professionals available to help you and your family work towards a better future…

Cindy Spencer

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As part of her studies in the community services industry Cindy has worked with victims of domestic and family violence in a women’s safe house. In this role she was responsible for supporting women who had been victims of domestic violence.

Cindy has always been passionate about helping and supporting others through the times in their lives when they need extra support and guidance.

Cindy is 46 years of age and has 4 children, who are all now adults. Eldest being 27 yrs and the youngest 21 yrs. Cindy separated from her partner when her youngest was 3 years old and remained a single parent from that day onward. Cindy has plenty of experience in single parenting and the struggles that come with it.

As part of her life experiences Cindy has an understanding and broad knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction among youth.

Mary Lynch

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Try as we may, there are some things in life that we can’t always do by ourselves and we need help. Whether it’s big or small, if something is affecting your life or you just want things to be different, seeing Mary Lynch, a transformational coach can certainly help.

Take back your control and take charge of your life. Create the life you want. It is possible and it can happen quickly. Everything starts with you, only you know what’s best for you and you have the answers within you, you just need some help to get them out, so what are you waiting for?

Non- judgemental, kind, big hearted and straight forward, transformational coach Mary Lynch can help you to make the changes you desire but you haven’t been able to do by yourself

Sian Pryce

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Sian is a Melbourne based counsellor who specialises in children and adolescent counselling and reconnecting children with their parents. Sian has a passion for family cohesion and harmony and sees family at the centre of a child’s inner world and sense of stability .

Through this lens Sian aims to bring families back together in the most meaningful way possible for each individual family unit . As well as her private practice in Melbourne Sian also works as a counsellor for HealthyMind at their wellbeing camps across Australia and with the not for profit organisation Anglicare Victoria with at risk teen girls.

Simon Johnston

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Simon Johnston provides an invaluable counselling service to the young people in our programs.

It can help immensely to have counselling if someone is feeling a little overwhelmed, and Simon is always there to assist. He has great communication skills and puts people at ease very quickly with a nonjudgmental approach to therapy sessions.

Simon combines his counselling with life coaching therapy and holds a Working With Children card. Simon also holds a second Dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate. Simon has proven results with children and families to assist in helping children find an identity and get families working together