Grief PTSD

Trauma or PTSD counselling

Online counselling for trauma or PTSD provides a safe haven for you

Traumatic experiences can leave you feeling persistently anxious, fearful, angry or very sad.

When you experience or see a highly stressful or traumatic event, one that threatens your life or the lives of those around you, such as a serious accident, natural disaster, horrifying criminal action, war, torture, physical or sexual assault, or other terrifying events, you could be suffering from post-traumatic stress.

We typically think of PTSD as applying to armed services personnel, but workers in emergency organisations, paramedics or aid workers who have witnessed a horrendous event can also suffer PTSD.
It’s so important that you get help. Our online counsellors provide a safe haven for you to make your journey to recovery, so make an appointment now to begin your healing.

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