School detention

Child or Youth Counselling

Online counselling for your child or youth –wherever they are.

If your child or youth has problems like suspension from school, anxiety, anger issues, self-harming behaviour, addiction, or they’ve been a victim of abuse or witnessed or been on the receiving end of domestic violence, online counselling can work wonders.

No matter where your child or youth lives in Australia, online counselling crosses all state borders and time zones.
We have counsellors who specialise in different issues, so you’ll always find the right help for your child.

When your child is at school through the day, online counselling can fit in with the times when they are available.
It’s also a way for your child to feel safe, because they’re in their own home – unless they want their sessions to be from another location.

Discuss your options with us, or make an appointment now for your child or youth. The longer an issue is ignored, the longer it will take to heal.

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