Is your relationship heading south?


 Your relationship has changed, but you’re not sure when it happened. All you know is that you don’t communicate like you did. You’re not as loving as you were. You’d like your partner to put you first – to consider your feelings again. You’ve even had thoughts of leaving, but all that did was make you feel guilty for thinking it. 

Divorce can be pretty tough on you



Divorce can bring out the worst in a couple..

  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Fighting for property
  • Fighting for custody of children
  • Meetings ending in shouting matches
  • Neither party taking responsibility and playing the blame game

None of this behaviour helps people feel better. In fact, it drives a wedge further between the divorced couple, making any hope of a civilised split fade into the distance.

Addiction Counselling for Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling



Many people try to hide their habit, but inside they want to stop. The constant search for the next fix, the next high, the rush from addictive gambling, internet gaming, binge drinking, cigarettes or other substance abuse is all about looking for elusive happiness, being satisfied, and instant gratification.

Addiction does not bring happiness

Its vice-like grip tightens on an addict, squeezing out their integrity, their will power, and their decency.

It traps them in a downward spiral to the point where they think of nothing else.

It ruins lives. It ruins relationships. And it ruins families. It is Danger with a capital D.

Get Your Life Back on Track with Online Counselling

Children and Youth Counselling


 If your child or youth has problems like suspension from school, anxiety, anger issues, self-harming behaviour or addiction.

OR they’ve been a victim of abuse or witnessed or been on the receiving end of domestic violence, online counselling can work wonders.

No matter where your child or youth lives in Australia, online counselling crosses all state borders and time zones. We have counsellors who specialise in different issues, so you’ll always find the right help for your child.

Depression, Anxiety & Self Harm Counselling


 Depression and anxiety can have many causes, such as problem relationships, isolation or loneliness, or fear of situations that may never happen.

Depression and anxiety can also lead to self-harm, which people may use as a coping mechanism for difficult or painful feelings.

These are big issues to have and you need sensitive counselling. Our online sessions are the way to go.

Connect with a non-judgmental, experienced counsellor who can help you recover your motivation, your perspective and the joy you once had in your life.

Don’t hide your pain and wait until your situation gets worse.

Sexual abuse – it’s never your fault


It can deeply damage your sense of self-worth, your safety and your health.

It’s common to feel anxious, depressed, humiliated and ashamed, and to lose sleep, to avoid intimacy and experience issues with trust.

You could also experience flashbacks, be fearful of going out or being alone.

Everyone is different, and our skilled and highly trained counsellors understand this. They’ll gently help you regain trust, to feel safe, to restore your sense of self and well being.

Children who have been sexually abused often continue to suffer after the abuse has ended. They may feel confused, and have mixed feelings. They can feel guilty, believing that in some way they are responsible for the abuse.

If their abuser told them something dreadful will happen if they tell anyone, they may be afraid and see the world as scary place.

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