Sexual abuse – it’s never your fault

The Trauma of Sexual Abuse

It can deeply damage your sense of self-worth, your safety and your health.

It’s common to feel anxious, depressed, humiliated and ashamed, and to lose sleep, to avoid intimacy and experience issues with trust.

You could also experience flashbacks, be fearful of going out or being alone.

Everyone is different, and our skilled and highly trained online counsellors understand this. They’ll gently help you regain trust, to feel safe, to restore your sense of self and wellbeing.


Children who have been sexually abused often continue to suffer after the abuse has ended. They may feel confused, and have mixed feelings. They can feel guilty, believing that in some way they are responsible for the abuse.

If their abuser told them something dreadful will happen if they tell anyone, they may be afraid and see the world as scary place.


Online counselling means that you can have your sessions in the comfort and security of your own home, at times to suit you. And if your child is being counselled, you can be there for them to give them support.