Counselling for FIFO Workers

FIFO worker construction site

The cost of FIFO on relationships.

FIFO work can seem like a good idea in the beginning. Great money and the chance to get ahead financially is a big drawcard for couples who have been struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque.

But for the worker, weeks away at a time on the job, and long working hours can lead to loneliness, depression and exhaustion. Their partner is left with the day-to-day issues of running the family home, plus looking after young kids – without emotional and moral support.

FIFO workers are also at risk of suffering mental health issues, with suicides on the increase. It’s more important than ever that you seek help at the first sign of any issues.

If you recognise that your FIFO relationship has problems, contact us now.

We can help both you and your partner, with our online therapy and mediation sessions.

Both of you can be on a session together, even though you’re away and your partner is at home.

Our non-judgemental approach is the perfect basis for our counselling program.