Addiction Counselling for Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling

smoking addiction

It’s not always easy to admit to an addiction

Many people try to hide their habit, but inside they want to stop. The constant search for the next fix, the next high, the rush from addictive gambling, internet gaming, binge drinking, cigarettes or other substance abuse is all about looking for elusive happiness, being satisfied, and instant gratification.

Addiction does not bring happiness

Its vice-like grip tightens on an addict, squeezing out their integrity, their will power, and their decency.

It traps them in a downward spiral to the point where they think of nothing else.

It ruins lives. It ruins relationships. And it ruins families. It is Danger with a capital D.

Get Your Life Back on Track with Online Counselling

Online sessions with an experienced counsellor, from an unbiased point of view, can encourage you to discuss options for your treatment program and set you on the path to recovery.

And if you have a family member in need of mediation, but they won’t attend an appointment, online counselling is definitely the way to go.