Divorce can be pretty tough on you


When Two People Divorce, It’s Rarely an Amicable Arrangement

Divorce can bring out the worst in a couple..

  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Fighting for property
  • Fighting for custody of children
  • Meetings ending in shouting matches
  • Neither party taking responsibility and playing the blame game

None of this behaviour helps people feel better. In fact, it drives a wedge further between the divorced couple, making any hope of a civilised split fade into the distance.

Counselling can help you move forward

Online counselling sessions can be really beneficial to both of you. A counsellor can help you manage the grief, loss and anger you feel and encourage you to move forward.

Often a husband may feel confusion about how to relate to his children and his wife after a divorce, or a wife may not know just how much children are affected during this traumatic time, because they act as if everything’s fine.

Online sessions with an experienced, impartial counsellor gives you a base for working through issues raised and helps you to plan for the future.

You can attend shared sessions from different locations, and discuss solutions with the therapist mediating.