Chelsea Canning

Hi, I'm Chelsea

A Counsellor

We all need a little help from time to time to pull ourselves out of our...grief, trauma, depression, thoughts, self criticism, intense feelings. Guiding you through your painful moments is the most important work I can accomplish.

Sometimes we just need someone to stand by us, assure us that it's going to be okay and guide us through the tough parts. This is a special place of your therapist, and I'd like to be part of your healing.

Please give me a call today so we can see how to work together to address it. Offering Flexible Scheduling, including evenings and weekends. Providing therapeutic service to Individuals, Family, and Couples.

Specializing in Older Adults (and their families) working through life transitions, Women; parenting, relationships, career advances/changes, and life transitions, Family and Individuals. Serving in Social Work for over 20 years, counseling for 10 years. I have a nurturing solution-focused approach believing therapy is a partnership using your strengths to get the results you want. I've had a life full of fallible imperfect moments with experiences you may be struggling with. Let's work together to set our sights on a better outcome!

Specialist In: Women And Older Adults.
City : Brisbane

Years of Experience : 15 Years
Cost Of Services: Video and Local: $100 / 60 min.